Dr. med. Wolff Geisler, b. 1941, family doctor in Cologne

1962 – 1965 Studied medicine in Cologne

1965 – 1966 Military service, Zweibrücken, Bergzabern, Altenstadt

1966 – 1970 Medical studies in Cologne, Kiel, Göttingen

1968 – 1971 Gruppe für Internationale Zusammenarbeit [International Cooperation Group], Göttingen.

1970 – 1973 Assistant Physician, Göttingen, Hannoversch Münden, Witzenhausen, Bonn

1972 – 1976 Secretary of the Deutsches Komitee für Angola, Guinea-Bissau und Mocambique [German Committee for Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique], Bonn. Initiator of Critical Shareholders for Cabora Bassa

1972 – 1985   Member of the SPD; co-opted member of the Federal Committee of Young Socialists’ working group on internationalism

1973 – 1985 Doctor in Kerpen-Blatzheim and Kerpen-Buir, since 1986 in Cologne

1974 – 1991 Member of the Anti-Apartheid movement

1976              Only guest from the Federal Republic of Germany invited by name to attend Mozambique’s independence celebrations

1986 – 1994 Member of „Die Grünen” (Green Party), delegate at 1986 Greens – CPSU conference on nuclear issues in Moscow




Six times expert invited to attend UN committee meetings on subjects such as Germany’s military and nuclear cooperation with South Africa; on one occasion attended a German Bundestag committee meeting on arms exports.


Die militärische Unterstützung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland für die Kolonialkriege Portugals in Angola, Guinea-Bissau und Mocambique [The Federal Republic of Germany’s Military Support for Portugal’s Colonial Wars in Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Mozambique], manuscript, Bonn, 1973


Die militärische Zusammenarbeit der Bundesrepublik Deutschland mit Südafrika [The Federal Republic of Germany’s Military Cooperation with South Africa] in Ostrowsky J., Geisler W., eds. Südafrika, Rassismus, Imperialismus, Befreiungskampf, Cologne, 1978


OTRAG 1 – 7: series of articles on rockets developed by the Munich-based company OTRAG in Zaire, published by Informationsdienst Südliches Afrika, Bonn, 1978/1979/1980


1978 – 1986 263 public presentations on the Federal Republic of Germany’s military/nuclear support for apartheid South Africa (e.g. Gustafsson H. Namibia, Bremen und Deutschland. Aschenbeck & Holstein, Delmenhorst, 2003:395-404,603-4; Bacia J. Kauft keine Früchte aus Südafrika. Frankfurt 2008:36-39, 56-110.)


Rüstungsexport der Bundesrepublik Deutschland – Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Beispiels Südafrika [Arms Exports from the Federal Republic of Germany – with Special Attention to South Africa] in 2nd Federal Congress of the Development Policy Action Groups BRD and Dritte Welt, Kiel, 1982


Geisler W, Wellmer G. Liste bundesdeutscher Unternehmen und ihrer Kapitalanlagen und Beteiligungen in Südafrika [List of German Federal Companies and Their Capital Investments and Holdings in South Africa] in DM-Investitionen in Südafrika. Bonn, Informationsstelle Südliches Afrika e.V., 1983


1984 Participation in TV discussions broadcast live with Willy Brandt et al (June 29, 1984, drei nach neun, Radio Bremen), and Jürgen Möllemann (WDR1, Auslandsshow Treffpunkt Dritte Welt, October 29, 1984) relating to arms exports from the Federal Republic of Germany. WDR bans broadcasts of the production and initiates legal proceedings.


Bundesdeutsche Beteiligung an der südafrikanischen Atombombe [German Federal Participation in the South African Nuclear Bomb] in: Atombomben Made in Germany? Cologne, supporters of conference Atombomben – Made in Germany?, 1986:60-65.


Lorscheid H, Müller LA, Geisler W. Der Ölskandal [The Oil Scandal]. Wiener 1987 Mar:70-3.


AIDS: Origin, Spread, and Healing. Self-published, 1994. German & English versions (AIDS is a bioweapon. 11 publications, including the Deutsches Ärzteblatt, AIDS-Forschung, taz, and Konkret refuse to accept paid advertisements for this book (taz accepted 8 advertisements but withdrew the rest after publishing the first three. After publishing one advertisement, Konkret rejected any others).


Mad cow disease epidemics caused by the artificial spread of retroviral segments cultivated in Campylobacter microbes. German & English versions. Self-published, 1996


2010: Manuscripts Bankiers überm Hakenkreuz (“Bankers over Swastika”) and Morde alle Jubeljahre (“The Jubilee Murders”).