AIDS – Origin, Spread and Healing

97% of the persons, who have HIV in their bodies, were purposely infected with this virus, which can lead to AIDS.

The majority of people affected by AIDS/HIV are dark-skinned people in some states in Africa, in the USA and Caribbean, as well as homosexual men and persons using crack or heroin in some industrialised states.

HIV was since 1957 supplied to them in vaccines, drugs, and blood-transfusions, by HIV-containing microbes in food and water, by insects and by spraying.

Only roughly 3% of infected persons were exposed to HIV unintentionally – either by sexual intercourse or as new-born infants by their mothers.

HIV impairs in particular the body’s ability to combat unknown disease causing agents.

HIV was developed out of the Virus of Infectious Anaemia of Horses.

Research work was predominantly carried out in Germany and Japan until 1945 and since then mainly in the USA and France.

The agents of the main AIDS diseases are specific, exceptionally rare and, to a certain extent, new microbes. They are intentionally transmitted in the air and food.

The agents causing the AIDS diseases were mainly researched by scientists in military service and mainly tested in Uganda and Zaire.

HIV-infections and outbroken AIDS diseases can be cured.