German Weapons Against Palestinians Since 1944

Excerpt from book “The Jubilee Murders – Originators and Methods of Mass Murders“.

In 1948, the newly proclaimed state of Israel had 250,000 soldiers under arms right from the start. The weapons used by the Jewish guerrilla troops included German Me-109 fighter planes, MG-42 machine guns, K-98 Mauser assault rifles, and Rheinmetall anti-tank weapons[1]. German “Königstiger” and “Panther” tanks may well have helped decide the outcome of the war in Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. During the Ardennes offensive in December 1944, among others, the German troops left them intact and ready for action in parts of Belgium, but they then disappeared without a trace.

In 1944, Organisation Todt transferred all the assembly lines and individual parts for the production of the Me-109, including the “Daimler-Benz 605” and “Junkers Motoren 211” engines, to the Avia plant in Prague-Letňany, Czechoslovakia[2]. The production of the Fieseler Fi-156 was also relocated to Czechoslovakia. After the war ended, these plants continued supplying the Jewish Agency and started supplying the state of Israel in 1948. One of the two German aircraft carriers that remained unused until the end of the war, initially named “A” and “B”, then “Graf Zeppelin”, then, hinting at its intended use, „Zugvogel” (“migratory bird”), was taken to just off the coast of Palestine to serve as a runway and landing strip for Me-109 fighter planes during the conquest of Palestine[3].

A British patient of mine once confirmed that the German troops in North Africa left behind extensive stores of clean water, munition, and military equipment. A patient who had served Rommel and others as a driver told me that the British troops had helped the Germans by leaving them huge quantities of fuel, munition, and conserved foods.

In Israel, naturalized citizens who had once belonged to the German Wehrmacht, e.g. Shlomo Perel, Günter Ballauch, Siegfried Behrendt, Ephraim Glaser, Nachemia Wurmann, Karl Heinz Maier, and Bob Winter[4], continued Hitler’s racist war of conquest. During the Six-Day War of 1967, “hundreds” of former German „Waffen-SS” and Wehrmacht soldiers fought for money and – on being informed that they had committed war crimes – against Egyptian, Jordanian, and Syrian troops[5].

[1] Verlag für geschichtliche Dokumentation. Illustrierte Weltgeschichte von 1945 bis heute. Manfred Pawlak Verlag, Herrsching 1980.

[2] From September 1944 to the end of April 1945, those involved included Franz Roman Nüsslein and Marga Henseler, whose activities were discussed in the Foreign Office publication Das Amt in 2010. They continued supplying weapons to Israel from 1955 and 1960 respectively, also under the aegis of the company “Sportavia Pützer”, Bonn, which was founded some time later.

[3] This supply of the Israeli army with German arms also explains why 11 years after the war, they are known to have fitted themselves out with all kinds of weapons, including tanks, vehicles, and spare parts, obtained – of all places – from demilitarized Germany under Minister of Defense Franz Joseph Strauss. The “Merkava” tank used by Israel is the equivalent of the Thyssen tank “TAM” built in Argentina.

[4] Rigg B. Hitlers jüdische Soldaten. Paderborn: Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh, 2003:60, 350

[5] Son of a former Waffen-SS member