The Jubilee Murders – Originators and Methods of Mass Murders


This phenomenon is increasing. Non-Jewish persons received 86% of the Nobel Prizes awarded between 1900 and 1950, 71% of those awarded between 1950 and 2000, and only 68% of those awarded between 2000 and 2007[1]. As Non-Jewish persons make up 99.8% of the world population, this would mean that the intelligence genes inherited by Non-Jewish persons are 235 times weaker than those inherited by Jewish persons, all chances being equal.

Since 2005, renowned US scientists have attributed the resetting in intellectual fields experienced by Non-Jewish persons behind Ashkenazi Jewish persons having been obliged to pursue banking activities since AD 800 and having been forced to develop special intelligence as a result. Their professional success was accordingly due to spontaneous mutations in the genes responsible for intelligence. In contrast, intelligence would have been a disadvantage in the work carried out by Non-Jewish persons, i.e. farming and fighting. The most successful Jewish bankers had particularly large numbers of children, and therefore passed on their intelligence genes more frequently. However, these new intelligence genes were associated with metabolic changes. This is why disorders such as Tay-Sachs disease, Gaucher disease, and cervical dystonia are particularly wide-spread among Ashkenazi Jewish persons[2]. This and similar articles were mentioned by numerous renowned scientific journals, the New York Times[3], the Economist, the „Allgemeine Jüdische Zeitung”, and Thilo Sarrazin[4] on several occasions without being contradicted – they even met with a positive response.

This article is not applicable from historical, molecular genetic, demographic, and sociological viewpoints[5]. Nobel Prizes, for example, are awarded by the Nobel Prize Committee in Sweden. 90% of Sweden’s industrial assets are controlled by banks that are in turn controlled by the Jewish Wallenberg family. “He who plays the piper calls the tune”, as the popular saying goes.

1% of the world’s population will soon possess more of the world’s wealth than the remaining 99%.[6]

The millennia-long suppression of non-Kohen/non-Levite Jewry, the 1,700-year suppression of non-Papal Catholics, the thousand-year suppression of the non-aristocratic European population, the hundreds of millions of murders and enslavements of people in America, Asia, Australia, and Africa have nothing to do with an intelligence less than that of the kohens, popes, aristocrats, or Europeans.

So what’s stopping the Non-Jewish persons from developing their strengths?


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Table of Contents

1. “Anti-Semitism” has been Produced for 3,800 Years
1.1 Murders, Expulsions of Jewish People
1.2 Murders every jubilee
1.3 Jewish Separation
1.4 Promotion of Judaism in history
1.5 Generating hatred 3,800 years
1.6 Who generates the Jew-Hate “Anti-Semitism”?
1.7 Jew-Hate “Anti-Semitism” before Hitler by Jewish persons
1.8 Crimes Against Jewish persons by Jewish National Socialists persons
1.9 Ben Gurion: “[…] disguised as gentiles…”
1.10 Conquest of Palestine
1.11 Mass murder in Eastern Europe 50 years prepared
1.12 The Holocaust was religious murder
1.13 The Beneficiaries
1.14 Balance of Jew-Hate “Anti-Semitism”
1.15 Anti-Non-Jewish Quotations of Nazi Government
1.16 Non-Jewish Discrimination in USA
1.17 Non-Jewish stupidity?
1.18 Discrimination of Non-Jewish persons in awarding of Nobel Prizes
2. Jewish circumcision for conquests with epidemics
2.1 Significance of Jewish circumcision, including the Mouth-Penis-Wound-Sucking “Metzitza b’Peh” for Judaism
2.2 Technique of Jewish circumcision
2.3 Danger from Metzitza b’Peh
Acute fatal consequences
Deadly long-term effects
Genetic changes of many Jewish people by Metzitza b’Peh
Breeding of persons in Israel
History of the fight for Metzitza be’ Peh
PCR proves transmission of viruses
Legal opinions
Metzitza b’Peh in Israel protected by unscientific rejection
Parliament of 70% Slaves
Metzitza b’Peh claimed for 3,800 years as healing
2.4 Operation Abraham
2.5 Horses as Bioweapon Carriers in Israel
Bornaviruses, Producers of submissioning
Bornavirus and sleeping sickness
Today against Palestinian people
2.6 Jewish Biological Warfare from Antiquity to the Diaspora
Pathogens in the Temple Mount
Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem, Upper Egypt, Ethiopia, Samaria
Diaspora with biological weapons
From Palestine
To Scotland
To the South of France
2.7 Resumed Bioweapon production in Temple Mount
The Jewish Knights Templar in Portugal
3. The Plague for Non-Jewish Persons
3.1 Leprosy, typhus fever, smallpox, tuberculosis, syphilis, cholera and immunosuppression, especially for Non-Jewish persons
4. Jewish Slave Traders
4.1 Alleged Reasons for the slave trade of Jewish persons
4.2 Modern Times Murders and Abductions of people in Africa, America, Asia and Australia
5. The transatlantic slave abductions
5.1 Main culprits of the Abductions allegedly African rulers and Arab traders
5.2 Private multinational abductions, deportation from 60 large prisons
5.3 Cabo Verde, headquarters of slave Abduction until 1920
Chronology of slave abductions from Cabo Verde (mainly R.A. Almeida)
Lancados, the Slave Hunters
5.4 Germs for Raids and Abductions
Cholera on the coast and on rivers
Textiles for the transmission of diseases
Typhoid Fever, Typhus and Smallpox
Immunodeficiency disease
Change of consciousness
Deadly Biological Time Bombs in Fish and Horses
5.5 The Jubilee Years Meant Death for Slaves
5.6 Expert Abductors in Portugal and Holland
England and France: More Murders in human robbery, more survivors in the colonies
British and French Military Made Space for Portuguese and Dutch Activities
Enslavement by British persons
Enslavement by U.S. Persons
5.7 Termination of slave trade and slavery
5.8 White Slavery
6. Holocausts since 1888: Galicia, Jewish Pogroms in Imperial Russia, Armenian Massacre, World War I, Spanish flu, Establishment of the Soviet Union, Ukraine and Galician Genocides
6.1 Murder of Millions of Jewish people by Disease Since 1888
6.2 Mass Murders of Armenian, Aramaic, Greek, and Jewish People 1895-1923
6.3 Eight Million People killed in 1931 – 1933 in Soviet Ukraine and in Polish Galicia by diseases/hunger (“Holodomor”)
6.4 Jewish persons werde abducted for Conquest of Palestine in 1948
7. “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers”
7.1 Participation in World War I
Jewish Listings
Non-Jewish soldiers less frequently promoted
The Jewish Census of 1916, Judenzählung
Jewish pilots
Swastikas Indicate “Friendly” Enemies
7.2 World War I Victors promote Hitler and Lenin/Stalin
7.3 Freikorps, Social Democrats, and German Nationalist Work for Lenin’s Assumption of Power
7.4 The “Abwehr”
The Forschungsamt/Luftwaffe
7.5 Reichswehr Command
7.6 “The Non-Aryan descent of an officer is to be treated as a secret matter.”
7.7 Reichswehr Oath on unnamed fatherland
7.8 Jewish-Aryan Stahlhelm
7.9 Blomberg Helps Hitler to Power
8. 150,000 Jewish Men in the Wehrmacht
8.1 Ten thousand times understatement by Helmut Schmidt
8.2 Jewish Agents Fulfil Hitler’s Requests
8.3 July 20, 1944, the deceptive coup d’état
8.4 Jewish Officers in North Africa
8.5 German Weapons Against Palestinians Since 1944
8.6 Jewish Soldiers in the German Air Force
9. Biological Weapons in Germany
9.2 Reemtsma
4,000 Years of Slavery and War Fueled by Nicotine
Reemtsma, British American Tobacco, Reynolds, Hitler
Reemtsmaʼs Cigarettes, Crucial Brain Toxins for War Crimes
9.3 Unnatural strokes and heart attacks in the Warburg Family
9.4 Warburg bankers connected to biological weapons
10. Dresden: Cooperation between Hitler, Churchill and Roosevelt on the “Long-Term Relocation” of 350,000 People
10.1 350,000 People Incinerated
10.2 Concentration Camp Prisoners and Prisoners of War murdered
10.3 Military Facilities Spared
10.4 Cooperation between Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin on the mass murder in Dresden
10.5 Dresden’s Bombings Targeted at Biological Weapons
11. “Hamburg Plan”, “Nisko Plan”, “Lublin Plan” – the Origins of Belzec, Sobibor, Majdanek
11.1 The “Hamburg Plan”, later “Nisko Plan” and “Lublin Plan”
11.2 Lithuania
11.3 Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Bessarabia, Ukraine, Transmistria
12. Auschwitz: German, US-American, British, Dutch, and Jewish Common Mass Murder
12.1 History of Auschwitz since 1888
12.2 Murder of Millions of Jewish and Non-Jewish persons in Auschwitz Prepared by rich people in Germany, the USA, the Netherlands and Great Britain since the end of the World War I
12.3 Interessengemeinschaft Gas, “I.G.”
12.4 I.G. Auschwitz AG
12.5 Area of interest of the Auschwitz SS Concentration Camp
12.6 Monowitz plant of I.G. Auschwitz
12.7 Moishe Merin, King of the Jewish persons
13. The Wannsee Conference, Structuring for Mass Murder with Biological and Chemical Weapons
13.1 Jewish Origins, Aryan replacement qualities, connections to Jewish organizations
13.2 Camouflaged and public impunity after end of war
13.3 The Statements in the Wannsee Protocol
14. Thousands of US and British Aircraft Dropped tens of Thousands of Bombs into the regions of the 50 Auschwitz Camps
14.1 Listing of aerial photographic reconnaissance and bombing attacks on Auschwitz camps, and sub-camps[1149]
14.2 Chemical Weapons, Interessengemeinschaft Gas Auschwitz
15.1 Tuberculosis, Typhus fever, X-ray- and Ultra-Sound Radiation
15.2 Indications of Biological and Chemical Weapons
15. Reports of the Mass Murders
16.1 USA and Great Britain Feigned Non-Bombing by Top Secrecy
16.2 Holocaust Deniers until 1945
For the Jewish Agency, Auschwitz was “a large labor camp”
German Judaism Representatives as mass murderers
16.3 Holocaust Deniers After 1945
16. The Cap Arcona Murders
17.1 Victors Continue Murderous Human Experiments in German Institutions After War ends
17. Perpetrators and Witnesses Given High-Ranking Positions
18.1 Marcel Reich-Ranicki 1999: “How I dictated the death sentence of the SS for the Warsaw Ghetto on July 22, 1942” and on January 27, 2012 in the German Bundestag “It Was to her, Gustawa Jarecka, to Whom I Dictated on 22 July 1942 the death sentence that the SS had passed on the Jews of Warsaw”.
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